Stephen Thomas Museum is having their First Annual HoundtonAbby Fundraise!

The Stephen Thomas Museum is having their First Annual HoundtonAbby Fundraise and BOTH of the Team Hendrix pooches will be participating!

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Ms. Purdy is a middle aged French Bulldog that works for Team Hendrix selling Real Estate. She has become so famous that she has a “Purdy’s Pick” named after her. She has red hair, big brown eyes, and big ears. Purdy has less tolerance for a cat because she came before the cats. She has the pecking order figured out.  Her favorite hobby is procuring food. If food is in the room, you can see the determination in her eyes to have a morsel or two. She loves her beauty rest and enjoys receiving attention almost as much as she enjoys eating. While you are petting her, she will give a courtesy growl to her daughter, Mei Mei, to announce that Purdy owns this moment. Purdy can be outside all day and still look clean. She often smiles at you when you look at her, just make eye contact and talk like you are talking to a baby. She’s probably laughing at you!DSC_0048
Mei Mei is fawn and white with a black face, over sized ears, and amber eyes. She is inquisitive, very serious, and smarter than you think. She walks around on couches, chairs, and tables like a cat and respects them more than her mom Purdy does. Mei Mei grew up with dogs and cats and knows the pain of “The Claw”. Mei Mei makes a funny noise that is a hybrid of a meow and growl to talk to her humans. She always gets across what she wants because she won’t quit making the noise till you figure it out. Mei Mei snores and has flatulence worse than some men. She’s a little Tom Girl that loves her human daddy Charles Hendrix. She is thinking of getting a career in real estate like Purdy. For now, she enjoys her youth, riding tractors, running after geese, and golf cart rides.



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