Brilliant and Inexpensive ways to hide eyesores in your home

August 3rd, 2015

1. Does the underside of your desk look like a snake pit from the Indiana Jones movies? A drop cloth is the perfect solution for “out of sight, out of mind.”


2. Why have pet bowls take up space when not used? Try a drawer insert for your pet’s dishes.


3. Make your folded chairs look like a rainbow with some spray paint.

Via Kellys Moonlight

4. In the right room, a rope hung clothing rack can be plain ol’ suave.


5. You can turn any support pole into a column as an aesthetic remedy.


6. And with a little accenting, your column can turn into a visual center piece.


7. Have an ugly tile floor? A little bit of paint can brighten it up in no time.

Via Kellys Moonlight

8. Pet crate covers are an awesome way to add visual appeal to a room, and give your pet some extra coziness. Sew or buy one here.

Via Amazon

9. Plants are a great way to give a lively look to boring cinder blocks.


10. Why not make that kitchen island more functional with a roll out trash and recycle bin?


11. It may seem obvious, but painting your garage doorcan really enhance the appeal of your home’s exterior.


12. Bring nature into your bathroom with Airstoneaccents for your tub.


13. The edge between a backsplash and a painted wall can end a bit awkward or abrupt at times. A bracket shelf can help.


14. Keep your charging station out of sight by moving itinside a top drawer.


15. Do you have any of this nasty popcorn texture on your ceilings?


Scrap it off. Be aware that it can be quite a process. And be certain to check the material for asbestos. For the full DIY, check here.


16. Another option is to cover it with plaster.


17. Use fabric and a staple gun to turn ugly box springs into something much easier to appreciate.

Via Cozy Little Houses

18. Last but certainly not least, there’s also the “hidden wire hook” method for keeping wires under your desk out of sight.


Stephen Thomas Museum is having their First Annual HoundtonAbby Fundraise!

July 31st, 2015

The Stephen Thomas Museum is having their First Annual HoundtonAbby Fundraise and BOTH of the Team Hendrix pooches will be participating!

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Ms. Purdy is a middle aged French Bulldog that works for Team Hendrix selling Real Estate. She has become so famous that she has a “Purdy’s Pick” named after her. She has red hair, big brown eyes, and big ears. Purdy has less tolerance for a cat because she came before the cats. She has the pecking order figured out.  Her favorite hobby is procuring food. If food is in the room, you can see the determination in her eyes to have a morsel or two. She loves her beauty rest and enjoys receiving attention almost as much as she enjoys eating. While you are petting her, she will give a courtesy growl to her daughter, Mei Mei, to announce that Purdy owns this moment. Purdy can be outside all day and still look clean. She often smiles at you when you look at her, just make eye contact and talk like you are talking to a baby. She’s probably laughing at you!DSC_0048
Mei Mei is fawn and white with a black face, over sized ears, and amber eyes. She is inquisitive, very serious, and smarter than you think. She walks around on couches, chairs, and tables like a cat and respects them more than her mom Purdy does. Mei Mei grew up with dogs and cats and knows the pain of “The Claw”. Mei Mei makes a funny noise that is a hybrid of a meow and growl to talk to her humans. She always gets across what she wants because she won’t quit making the noise till you figure it out. Mei Mei snores and has flatulence worse than some men. She’s a little Tom Girl that loves her human daddy Charles Hendrix. She is thinking of getting a career in real estate like Purdy. For now, she enjoys her youth, riding tractors, running after geese, and golf cart rides.



A greener home can add “green” to your homes value

March 12th, 2015

Many home buyers are looking for and recognize the long term value of environmentally friendly homes.
Here are some easier ways to add “green” value to your own home.
• Buy Energy Star rated appliances & lighting
• Add a recycling center to your kitchen,
mudroom or garage
• Use “low-maintenance” recycled products
for your next project such as a deck
• Consider more sustainable flooring options
such as bamboo or cork
• Improve your insulation and replace or
repair older windows and doors
• Plant more trees for cooling shade
and curb appeal

Interior Design Experience Merged with Real Estate Today

March 4th, 2014

Most people when buying a home want a home with little to repair or replace.  They want it “move in ready” .  As a designer and Realtor I appreciate that, a lot goes into a home to make it “move in ready”.

Did you know well-placed furniture can open up rooms and make them seem larger than they are? Or, that opening drapes and blinds and turning on lights make a room seem bright and cheery? It’s true, which is why staging your home to look its absolute best is an important factor in the selling process.

More expensive ways that can sell a home:

  1. replace dated plumbing and light fixtures
  2. try to have fewer floor transitions
  3. replace old appliances
  4. inviting landscape with flowers
  5. cut or trim any trees or shrubs that or against the house
  6. pressure wash house and driveway

Here are some inexpensive ways to highlight your home’s best features:

  1. > Clean or paint walls and ceilings.
  2. > Clean all flooring and fixtures – lights, fans.
  3. > Repair all plumbing leaks.
  4. > Remove excessive wall hangings, furniture and extra personal goods.
  5. > Turn on all lights and open the drapes during the daytime.
  6. > Play quiet background music and infuse your home with a comforting scent.
  7. > Vacate the property when and if it’s being show to prospective buyers.

Another Must See!

February 11th, 2014

Being a member of the Greene County Players, I feel that the Lake Oconee Area needs to know about “Smoke on the Mountain”.

Back by popular demand Greene County Players present Smoke on the Mountain” February 27, 28, March 1 and 2at Festival Hall in Greensboro.  Set in North Carolina in 1938, “Smoke on the Mountain” follows the Sanders Family Singers as they perform at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church’s Saturday Night Gospel Sing! Laugh, sing along and witness a heartwarming conclusion that reminds us all what it means to be a family.You will love (and recognize) many of the old time hymns including  “I’ll Fly Away”, “Power in the Blood”, “Church in the Wildwood”, “Bringing in the Sheaves” and “I Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now.” . You also will recognize a number of your friends and neighbors in the cast so join us for a rollicking good time! Tickets go on sale February 4.  Call Festival Hall at 706) 453-0905 to reserve.

Upcoming Events! Lake Oconee Area!!

February 11th, 2014

Madison Morgan Cultural Center has a wonderful Antique Show Preview Party on Thursday, 2/20/2014!    Tickets can be purchased online.  There is so much to do in Madison!  Come to town early and eat at Town 220, Perk Avenue, or Riccardo’s.  Also, peak at Madison Markets at 144 Academy Street to see the pieces they have for sale to see how they compare.

Real Estate Today

December 31st, 2013

The Hendrix Team has made buying and selling easy!  We work really hard for our clients and use all of our experience to better serve our clients.  I, Jennifer G. Hendrix, have been a Luxury Home Designer for 14 years now and know what people want or know the proper channels to get it.  When I am helping a buyer, I demonstrate certain skills that other agents don’t have.  I can make decisions easier with what can be done vs. “I am not sure or let me check on that”.  Also, when listing homes, I work with my clients to obtain the look that will appeal to the masses.  I love my job and connecting people to land and home!  Making it their own, is what I do best!